Meet DB, the Editor

What's good?

Welcome to The Writer's Basement, where people of color in creative arts, get celebrated and discovered. I am DB aka Under Written Influence, the founder and creator. 

The Writer's Basement was conceived and created, as a safe place for writers. What started as just a idea to release tips on writing, quickly grew into a online hang out for people of color in the creative arts field.

This place here, is dedicated to exposing various creative talents. Everything from writing to music, and even fashion, are showcased here. There are also tips for writers, articles about artists and more. 

The mission of The Writer's Basement, is to help PoC not only gain exposure, but to also assist them in various stages of writing.

So if you love creative arts, welcome. TWB is the best spot on the internet, where we give you quality art and more.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.