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October Album: Red Room

Though he not yet a big named artist, this EP was highly anticipated by his fans. I wasn't sure what I expected when the project dropped, but when it did, baby did he do the damn thing. J. Howell is based out of Memphis TN (shout out to Memphis), and is mostly known for his singles 'Love You In The Morning' and 'Talk' featuring fellow artist Kyle Hippy.

J. Howell has held a spot as SOTW here the basement, and with this EP, he has more than earned AOTM. He gives you mood, production and vocals!

You hear me? VOCALS!

This nine-track EP takes you on a journey through love, heart ache, longing, wanting, lovemaking and other relationship type things. One day we will have the pleasure of having him here on the basement, but until then, go to whatever music serve you use, and download this EP. Press play and be ready to sing your heart out, because he did and it is phenomenal.

Catch him on IG @jhowellmusic1

April Album: Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head is  project created by Cleveland based rapper Visq. There aren't many words to describe this dope ass album. Maybe the cover, simple yet complex, is enough to get one's attention. But the songs, are enough to keep you listening and entertained. From the sensual slow beat of 'Soul N Body' (pure poetry in song form), to the fun dance track 'Whippin' N Dabbin'. But if you need something sit and think, he got you covered on the titled track 'Voices In My Head'. Whatever it is you need, Visq got you. 

You can check this album out on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify and Soundcloud. Trust, you won't be disappointed,

Follow Visq on IG: @visq.official