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Meet: Anthony Desmond

About Anthony


Anthony Desmond is an American poet. His work can be found in many anthologies and journals, including: What is Inspiration: Thoughts on Life Series Vol. 1, Railroad Poetry Magazine, The Rusty Nail; Recipes for Hemlock (anthology fromBoston Poetry Magazine), Signal from Static: A Collection of Modern Poetry &The d’Verse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry.

Check out a poem by Anthony below, called "Paranoia Woes of a Sociopath" .

Paranoia Woes of a Sociopath


You spend too much time contemplating your own

funeral. Thus why you're exhibiting a life of believing

the only time people will tell you how they truly feel 

is during open casket with no worry of ever having

to look you in the eye.

The conscience of a habitual liar rests near the heart

as holding secrets under your tongue while exhaling

into a lover's mouth; like catching the blood of Jesus

as he hangs on the cross for profit. Stained prayers

weave through your true colors like windows at

church where the walls hold more innocence than 

the young boys the priest befriends after service

and you proudly say, "Amen!" while painting self

portraits of all your distinct identities.

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Listen, Anthony actually has a chapbook book out now, on Eyewear Publishing. So if you love his work, like I do, then click here to purchase. Also check him out on IG: @anthonydesmondpoetry . Trust, you will not be disappointed.